Katy Perry in all-white has ‘big deck energy’


katy perry norwegian
Katy Perry is in the captain’s seat wearing all white with major ‘big deck energy.’ Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Carrie-nelson

Katy Perry is large and in charge on the open sea with a captain hat.

The latest share for the songstress featured Katy in all white as she posed in the captain’s seat, complete with an official hat.

She shared the photos on her Instagram with her millions of fans and followers.

The first photo featured the Dark Horse singer overlooking the water in a white ensemble with a sleeveless crop top and matching slacks.

Katy wore an official boat captain hat and placed her hand on the cap for good measure. She sat in front of a panel with dials and controls, and although it is unlikely she knew what she was doing, she certainly looked the part.

Next was a video featuring Katy with a large checkered flag. She stood on a race track as the go-karts waited for her signal. Then, Katy waved the checkered flag, and the cars took off, beginning the race.

Katy Perry celebrates new cruise ship for Norwegian

Another photo featured Katy in a curve-hugging blue sequin dress as she posed somewhere aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines boat.

All the posing seemed to work up Katy’s appetite– she headed to a hibachi restaurant on the ship and documented her meal. Katy got personal with her longtime love Orlando Bloom and shared a selfie with her man. Orlando smiled and looked at the camera as Katy kissed the side of his face and wore aviator sunglasses.

Finally, Katy shared a birthday cake for her daughter with Orlando, Daisy. The Elmo-themed cake featured pink and red with balloons and the number, “2.”

Katy’s caption read, “big deck energy on the @norwegiancruiseline #NorwegianPrima (sea what I did there?) 😎🛳 🌊.”

Katy Perry named Norwegian Cruise Line Godmother

Last month, Norwegian Cruise Lines announced that Katy was the Godmother of a new and innovative boat by the cruise line.

The boat, called Norwegian Prima, is the first of six in the new class of boats.

Katy revealed, “My most favorite way to vacation with my family is on the water. Every morning that you wake up, you get to experience an incredible new view.”

She continued, “I love that I get to christen her with my good vibrations, and I’m so excited for this new, beautiful, high-end, high-tech ship to take the seas, and provide once-in-a-lifetime vacations for so many families.”

Katy took her role seriously, christening the boat for the inaugural voyage out of Reykjavík, Iceland.