LG S95QR : LG Latest sound bar with 9.1.5 Dolby Atmos sound

The brand announces that it will launch a new 9.1.5 Dolby Atmos soundbar. It is the first-ever sound system with an up-firing speaker that balances audio off the ceiling up to your ears. The brand new soundbar produces crisp and clear sound to enhance your streaming experience.

LG launching a new 9.1.5 Dolby Atmos soundbar

Spearheaded by the S96QR, the brand unveils a series of soundbars that flaunts an output of 810 W and 91.5 channels of immersive sound. It is essential to note that the up-firing speaker has the same channel as the traditional one.

It has five up-firing channels and a center up-firing speaker. While the soundbar includes three up-firing speakers, it has two up-firing microphones on the individual rear speakers. The sole aim is to improve sound clarity. It wants to make the audio experience enthralling.

If you are a movie-lover and want to improve the streaming experience, go for it. LG 9.1.5 soundbar is your best bet. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X make the audio content more impressive than ever.

IMAX enhanced allows users to couple a 3D audio when coupled with compatible content. It’s what the brand stated while launching the new sound system. LG brings you an upgraded pair of speakers that come with six channels.

Whether you stream web series, movies, or games, it is an ideal sound system. LG promises improvements in speakers, cabins, and drivers with the inclusion of the S95QR soundbar. Other than the side and four-front drivers, parts of the sound system emit one drive upwards.

The highly-sensitive receiver of the soundbar throws sound at a greater distance. It covers more space without affecting the quality of sound. LG soundbars come backed by the horizon technology that adds two-channel audio to 7.1 channels in sound mode.

According to sources, the sound reaches up to 135 degrees. Hence, it is more likely to cover any angle of the room. We don’t have much news on the date of product launch and pricing. No sooner than we get relevant info, we will update them on the site.

LG states that S95QR has ALLR and VRR passthrough, but it doesn’t support 4K 10HDR passthrough. Additionally, it comes with two HDR 2.0 ports. It is not surprising for sound systems to include HDR 2.1 port. You may want to use HDMI eARC.

LG soundbar works with voice assistants.

It comes with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and multi-channel lossless music. Note that the LG 9.1.5ch soundbar includes Wowcast Dongle. But, you need to purchase it separately. Though LG has a low-key account of OLED TV sets, it looks forward to extending the soundbar portfolio in the coming year.

As mentioned earlier, it has a power output of 770 Watt. It has a South Korean sound lineup. It recreates Dolby Atmos. If you have a new Series X, you want to plug in a console to the gaming headset.

Until CES2022 opens its doors in January, you may need to watch out for pricing and related info.