Lindsey Georgoulis rocks plunging top and white shorts ‘without a care in the world’


Lindsey Georgoulis
Lindsey Georgoulis let MAFS fans know that she didn’t have “a care in the world.” Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Boston star Lindsey Georgoulis likes to let it be known when she is thriving, as was the case in her recent social media post.

Lindsey became one of the top Season 14 villains for her crass and direct communication, hot mic diss, and all-around admittedly intense personality.

All negativity toward Lindsey aside, she has been living her best life since Season 14 ended and has moved on from her now ex-husband Mark Maher and relocated to California.

To show how unbothered she is, Lindsey shared a snap of herself in a plunging white top and white shorts with a smile on her face as she sat in a chair peering off into the distance.

In the caption she remarked, “What did you do for Labor Day weekend? Tell me below! 👇🏻. I explored Napa for the first time.”

She continued, “A quick 90min trip North and the opportunity to try some amazing wine and food. Even better company. Pictured. A blonde woman in a hat and oversized sunglasses. Sitting in a rattan chair smiling ear to ear without a care in the world.”

Lindsey Georgoulis did show her compassionate side on MAFS

While the cameras caught Lindsey not in her best light on several occasions, there were times when her compassionate side showed itself.

When Mark’s cat (whom he’d had all its life) was about to be put down, Lindsey was by Mark’s side in the vet clinic.

Lindsey also hopped into action when she and Mark went to his old apartment that was infested with bedbugs to clear out his stuff.

Lindsey Georgoulis gave predictions about the Season 15 MAFS couples

After the premiere episode of Season 15 of MAFS aired, Lindsey gave her predictions to fans during a Q&A on her Instagram, saying, “First impression: a potential 3/5z.”

She continued, “I’m thinking 2 couples are definitely Not making it. But we’ll see. I hope I’m wrong!”

While none of the San Diego couples have called it quits yet there have been plenty of tense moments and uncomfortable situations for viewers to judge.

With a lot on the line in a short amount of time, the participants are feeling the pressure to try and understand and compromise with their partners.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.