Millie Bobby Brown enjoys hot tub with boyfriend Jake Bongiovi


Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi are having some fun in a hot tub. Pic credit: ©

Millie Bobby Brown has been enjoying quite a bit of time this summer with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi.

The two have enjoyed travels across Europe, including some time in Italy and France, as well as general dates where they shared dessert and went to an arcade.

Millie and Jake seem to be more in love with each other than regular teenage puppy love would warrant and are continuing to spend a lot of time together.

Though summer likely hasn’t been all play for Millie as she prepared for the release of Stranger Things Season 4 and has been working on Enola Holmes 2, she has shared a bit more of her personal life online this year.

Millie doesn’t actually have social media on her phone and has someone else post on her Instagram and Facebook pages for her, but it’s possible that Jake runs his own pages.

Jake took to Instagram on Monday to share a funny and sweet clip of him and Millie enjoying some time in the hot tub as they made a meme to Snoop Dogg’s song, Sensual Seduction.

Millie Bobby Brown wears white swimsuit to make meme with Jake Bongiovi in hot tub

Jake shared the short clip on his Instagram Stories, which only stay live for 24 hours. The video was saved from a TikTok account, though the username of the account has been blocked out, so it’s being kept private.

The clip opens with Millie looking at a scenic view over the edge of the hot tub before it goes back to Jake, and back and forth between the two as the camera gets closer and closer as the song starts.

The silly video could possibly be part of an upcoming TikTok trend, but it’s also possible the two were just having some summer fun together.

As far as the owner of the TikTok account, it’s hard to say whether it belongs to Jake or Millie, as it is censored. If it does belong to Millie, it’s likely a very private account that she only shares with friends as she tends to stay off of all social media. Although if the account is Jake’s, it’s still being kept private.

Does Millie Bobby Brown use TikTok?

Many of Millie’s Stranger Things costars use the popular app, but it has not been confirmed whether or not she uses the app herself.

She revealed to Allure earlier this year that she doesn’t have social media downloaded onto her phone, and that she has deleted every social media account other than her Instagram and Facebook.

Millie was receiving many hateful comments and messages on Twitter and TikTok, causing her to delete the apps and hand over her other social media accounts to someone else to run.

However, she has been taking quite a few videos of herself and her boyfriend this summer, and the latest Instagram share could be a clue that Millie has a very private TikTok account.

For the time being, the star will likely continue to live the life of privacy that she prefers, simply enjoying her time with her boyfriend, friends, and family.