‘Never Have I Ever’ Finale Recap: Season 3, Episode 10


From the very first episode of Never Have I Ever, Devi has professed to want to lose her virginity ASAP. Though her heart has not always been 100 percent behind the endeavor — as was the case in the Season 3 premiere — she enters the season finale with the determination not to be one of those “dusty” virgins who goes off to college unsullied.

The topic arises after two significant developments take place. First, Devi is chosen to attend a prestigious — if hippie-ish — program for seniors in Colorado. Admittance all but paves the way to the Ivy League, increasing her chances of getting admitted to Princeton. But she’ll have to miss her senior year at Sherman Oaks with her friends, and she’s convinced that the highly academically driven students at the new school will be too involved in their studies to want to have sex.

Second: Devi learns that she is now the only member of her close friends who hasn’t had sex. (Fabiola confesses that she and Addison got a little hot and heavy after watching The Mandalorian.) This seems to steel Devi’s decision to stay home, and while Nalini isn’t privy to her daughter’s exact reasons why, she supports the choice.

But Kamala takes her auntie aside and makes a strong case for giving Devi a little push to get her out of her comfort zone and into an environment that will surely benefit her in the long run. So Nalini forces Devi to accompany her to visit the campus… which, along with advice from Dr. Ryan about keeping herself open to new experiences, changes everything. Devi decides that she will, in fact, attend the special program, and Eleanor and Fab are happy for her but sad for them.

Then it’s time for graduation! Trent tells Eleanor he isn’t graduating, because he failed too many classes, but she’s so happy to find out that he’ll be around for her senior year. Paxton is chosen as student speaker, and he spends his speech extolling the values of hard work and obliquely referencing Devi as someone who helped him get serious about his studies so he could get into college. And though she’s very happy to get such public props, as McEnroe notes, Paxton’s talk doesn’t give her the stomach knots you might think it would. But afterward, when Ben finds out Devi is going to Colorado and tells her he’ll miss her “a lot”? That gives her some confusing feelings in her belly.

She later thanks Paxton for getting her through the death of her dad “by being a dream,” then comes to an important decision: She’s not ready to leave Nalini yet, after all. So she goes home and cries as she tells her mom, “I need one more year with you.” Nalini is overjoyed at the news.

Then Devi makes her way to Ben’s house, hands him the “One free boink” card he gave her in a previous episode, and he draws her to him as he closes the door behind them.

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