Pin You Down Sexually Meaning

When someone pins you down sexually, they’re trying to control the situation and make sure that you do what they want. This can be a sign of dominance or power, and can make you feel scared or trapped. You shouldn’t let someone pin you down without first trying to talk to them about what they want, and if they don’t want to talk then you should feel free to get up and leave.

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What does it mean to “pin someone down sexually?”

When someone is pinned down sexually, they are in a position where they cannot move, or do anything except respond to the sexual advances of their partner. This can be done in a number of ways, including by having the partner pinned against a wall or other object, having the partner restrained, or using sexual pressure and persuasion to have the partner do what you want.

The origins of this phrase

This phrase is derived from the game of pinball. When a player hits the ball into the machine, it is “pinned down” at the bottom of the play field. Hence, to keep the player from hitting the ball too often, the game is designed to restrict the player’s ability to move the ball about. This same principle can be used to restrict a person’s ability to do or say things.

How to use it in a sentence

I’d love to see you pinned down sexually.

Examples of its use

1. “I can’t expand on that right now, but I’d love to talk more about it over dinner.”

2. “There’s nothing I can say to expand on that, but I’m interested in hearing more.”

3. “I’m sorry, but I can’t expand on that right now.”

4. “I’m sorry, I can’t expand on that.”

What are some other ways to say this?

  1. Pin you down sexually means to hold someone down sexually. This can be done through physical restraint or through psychological manipulation.
  2. This can also be used as an insult, to communicate that someone is not in control or that they are not sexually desirable.
  3. To pin someone down means to impede their ability to move or to achieve their goals.


When people use the phrase “pin you down sexually,” they mean to establish dominance over someone. This phrase can be interpreted in a negative way, as implying that the person being pinned down will not be able to escape. Alternatively, the phrase can be interpreted in a positive way, as indicating that the person being pinned down will be sexually engaged with the speaker.