Rachel Bilson Reveals How She & Hayden Christensen Decided On Their Daughter’s Disney Inspired Name


Rachel Bilson is revealing the story behind her daughter’s storybook name.

The 40-year-old actress opened up about how she and ex, Hayden Christensen, landed on naming their daughter, Briar Rose, which is reminiscent of the Disney princess of the same name (aka Sleeping Beauty).

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It turns out that Briar, now 7, was almost named Millie.

“So, when I was pregnant, we really were stuck on Millie,” Rachel admitted during the recent episode of her Broad Ideas podcast.

However, that name didn’t stick because, “Hayden and I met in a movie called Jumper and my character’s name was Millie – and then we couldn’t decide if that’s like super lame or super cute.”

Rachel then explained that Hayden‘s mom, Alie Nelson, told them that the full name of Millie would be Millicent, and Rachel nixed it right there and then.

She changed her mind because it was “too close to Maleficent…I can’t go there.”

But, the former couple were circling another Disney name, Princess Aurora‘s pseudonym, Briar Rose.

“So, in that Disney theme,” Rachel said, before adding that their daughter’s name is an homage of sorts to his family: “It wasn’t intentional cause his grandma’s name was Rose, her middle name’s Rose and her first name is Briar, so it’s after Sleeping Beauty.”

Rachel and Hayden have been open about how they co-parent Briar together.