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An alien baby carrying a deadly message, a race of extraterrestrials looking to destroy mankind and a resurrected dead boy walking around town. Yeah, there’s a lot going down in Patience, Colo. these days.

In Wednesday’s episode of Resident Alien, Harry continued to ignore the trauma from his near-death experience by bingeing on comfort foods and Law & Order. But after a hurt Jay confronted Asta about missing her birthday, Harry couldn’t bypass an angry Asta who immediately knew Harry had messed with her memory. The two friends then had a difficult discussion about how negative feelings need to be processed and dealt with. Asta’s wisdom and life lesson got through to the alien, prompting him to finally help a dying Gerard depart our mortal coil with a lethal injection of drugs.

But that just scratches the surface. Is there hope for a deeper connection between Asta and Jay? Will Harry conquer his fear of dying? And will he ever come face-to-face with the general, Joseph or the alien baby? (That last one’s a resounding “yes”!) Below, creator and executive producer Chris Sheridan talks to RustWire to give us his thoughts on Season 2B thus far, and tease what’s to come for our favorite Patience residents in the season’s final six episodes.

On Asta’s journey for the remainder of the season…
“Asta is having a really rough time after killing the guy from New York, and it’s not going to get much better for a while because the person she has to lean on about it is Harry, and Harry isn’t the best at giving advice. His main advice to her is, “Just don’t think about it,” which works for him. What Asta knows and what Harry will soon learn: You can’t just ignore your problems. Asta can’t just ignore the fact that she killed a guy. Harry can’t ignore the fact that he’s afraid to die now and has to face his mortality. When you ignore your deepest emotions, they’re still there under the surface, and they pop up in different ways. So we’ll see more of that when Harry and Asta have to work together to heal each other.”

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Resident Alien Season 2On whether there’s hope for Asta and Jay…
“Going into the rest of the season, Asta is trying to figure out where she stands in Jay’s life. She wants to have a relationship with Jay, but she hasn’t been able to manage how to do that. It’s a journey for her to learn that you can’t really control how someone else feels about you, you can only be the best version of yourself. That’s mostly her journey for the second half of the season.”

On Harry facing his own mortality…
“Harry made the mistake of erasing Asta’s mind, but when she ultimately finds out what happens, she’s got to deal with it, and in the process of dealing with it, she becomes more aware of how important it is to go through the difficult times in life because those are the things that make you stronger. So Harry’s journey in the second season is similar to Asta’s because it’s also about control. It’s about him trying to control these emotions inside of him, and he’s got to get to a place where he realizes you can’t really control the emotions inside of you. The emotions happen and you have to learn how to deal with that. Harry will go through some very moving things this season that will help him along that path where he continues to realize he’s a victim of these emotions inside of him, and the best he can do is learn how to live with that.”

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On Terry O’Quinn’s return as the Alien Tracker this season…
“It was great having Terry back! He’s such a great actor and a very good guy. He has some funny stuff [coming up] as well, which leans into his comedic abilities. It was nice to see! [Alien tracker Peter Bach] will come to Patience looking for his alien. He’s not someone who’s stopped easily, so he’s not going to stop until he gets what he wants. But I think where it goes might surprise some people.”

Resident Alien babyOn whether Harry will finally meet General McCallister or Joseph…
“Harry, by the end of the season, will come face-to-face with both of them at one point or another. Enver Gjokaj [who plays the E.T. Joseph] and Linda Hamilton [who plays McCallister] (and Alan, of course) are such great actors that it’s exciting to think about being able to do scenes with Alan and Enver together, or Alan and Linda together. It would be foolish to not take advantage of that. So there’s more to come in the second half of the season.”

On D’Arcy’s new happiness, or lack thereof…
“D’Arcy is someone who does not have the skills to take care of herself. She seems so strong, but she doesn’t know how to love herself. She feels like a failure from falling in the Olympics years ago. She needs to learn how to feel good about herself no matter who she is or what she’s doing. It’s been hard for her because for a season and a half, Asta’s been lying to her. At the end of Season 1, she thought [the secret] was Jay. Then she got the sense in the first half of Season 2 that there’s something else, but she’s stopped asking about it. The thing that tethers her to the world is her friendship with Asta. Asta is the weight that keeps her from floating away. But she doesn’t feel totally connected to Asta because she knows Asta is hiding something from her. As long as that’s the case, she’s going to try to find happiness elsewhere.

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“The blowup in Episode 8 made her realize she’s a mess and that maybe she should start focusing on her own s–t. But it’s easier said than done. I think she’s still running a bit. She’s grasping for answers, and right now, the answer is a relationship will fix everything, which again, I think is a very relatable thing for everybody. In a perfect world we heal or fix ourselves, and we take that full person into a relationship. I think what happens more often than not is that we feel broken and hope that person we’re in a relationship with will fill those holes that are empty. It’s the wrong reason to go into a relationship, but it’s what 95 percent of us do. She’s feeling a little empty and afraid and hoping dating Elliot will fix that.”

And about that pesky alien baby that’s now posing as a dead child…
“There will be more alien baby. That baby is running around, and Harry will also come face-to-face with it. And the dynamic between them is pretty hysterical.”


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