‘Roswell’ Season 4 Episode 11: [Spoiler] Engaged — Watch Proposal Scene


Warning: We’re about to spoil Monday’s episode of Roswell, New Mexico. Proceed at your own peril.

Heather Hemmens is getting very comfortable in the director’s chair.

Monday’s Roswell, New Mexico marked the series’ second episode directed by Hemmens, who has also had plenty to do in front of the camera as Maria DeLuca.

“It’s such a blessing to direct on my home court,” Hemmens tells RustWire. “It really is my favorite place to be. It’s so much fun to direct a show that I know thoroughly with actors whom I love to work with and a crew that is just outstanding. Having all of those relationships in place when I show up to direct is very important. It gives me all the feels. I love working with everyone in this dynamic.”

Speaking of blessings, Roswell‘s antepenultimate episode also featured the long-awaited reunion of Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Alex (Tyler Blackburn), which led to a subtle-yet-satisfying proposal.

“Wasn’t that beautiful? It was such a moment to be on set for,” Hemmens says of directing the “Malex” engagement. “It was very emotional, and really sweet. Just to see them reunited, then to finally have this moment where they decide to spend their lives together no matter what. It was beautiful to be behind the camera and to watch it transpire. I felt like an audience member and a fan. I had to be like, ‘Oh, right, I’m supposed to be directing this scene!’”

Hemmens continues: “Their chemistry and their love shines through on camera so much. I just let it do what it do. It was such a touching moment. Tyler and Michael killed it. And they really rose to the occasion — it was 19 degrees out. It was early in the morning. Freezing. They brought everything they had to that scene, which gave it the payoff we’ve all been waiting for.”

Watch the big moment go down below:

The seasoned director is also particularly proud of her episode’s opening scene, which is set in the Oasis.

“I got to shoot the aliens’ home planet and to establish what that planet looks like, which was a huge honor,” Hemmens says. “We had some little fires burning, plus this massive rock wall that we shot in. It was the most epic location, and I a kid in a candy store. Like, ‘I get to shoot this here?!’ It’s a quick opening scene, but I was really giddy about that one.”

Looking forward to the series’ (gasp!) final two episodes, Hemmens offers this vague tease: “A lot of questions will be answered. It’s a culmination of things that fans have been waiting for, not just this season, but in the whole series. We’re going to tie up some loose ends, but there still a few shockers coming. We’re not just riding into the sunset.”

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