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Check out some of Pittsburgh’s converted churches

This multimedia project by student journalist Estelle Tran highlights two former church sites in Pittsburgh that have now been converted into other uses – one a brew pub and the other a concert venue and recording studio.

Places like this are what I love about Pittsburgh!

Any other good converted churches in your community?



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Youngstown’s ‘Pop-Up Park’

You have to give the folks in Youngstown credit for knowing how to have a good time.

Last weekend a group of young, city activists established a temporary ‘pop-up park’ in a parking spot on the city’s main thoroughfare and had a barbecue.


About 30 people turned out for the impromptu event, with desserts and dishes to share, according to the blog I Will Shout Youngstown.

Check out this spread:


According to my exclusive sources on this topic, all you need to pull this off in your city is a rug, some furniture, a grill, a few empty parking spaces and some friends.

For the full story see shoutyoungstown.com.


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Pop-Up City and Cleveland’s Bridge Project

The idea for Pop Up City is to re-utilize underused urban spaces, a theme that carried over this weekend in The Bridge Project, a party and art show, held under the Detroit-Superior bridge in downtown Cleveland.


The streetcar level under the bridge has been featured in this blog before. Cleveland’s rapid transit rail service ran under the bridge long ago.  The space has been referred to, perhaps incorrectly, as Cleveland’s abandoned subway.

Well, folks from across the Cleveland area attended The Bridge Project last weekend, and I have pictures thanks to my good friend Mandy Anderson.



Also, the art …


Pop Up City is the brainchild of Kent State University planning professor Terry Schwarz. The concept has played a central role in Cleveland’s Ingenuity Fest, a three-day celebration of art and technology held downtown.7819_508559326689_81800118_30326678_5623397_n

During this weekend in Cleveland, abandoned buildings are transformed into art galleries and dance clubs.



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Photo Tour: Cleveland’s Abandoned Subway

Cleveland is one of many Rust Belt cities that once operated a subway system. Twice a year, they open it up for tours and also hold an art show inside.


The subway closed in 1954, according to The Plain Dealer.


You can see here where it has been sealed off.


About 1,400 people attend these tours semi-annually.


My friend, Greg Ruffing, Cleveland’s finest freelance photographer, donated these amazing photos.



I heard Cincinnati has a subway that was never finished. Also, Atlanta, Georgia, uses their defunct subway lines as a mall.


This looks like a really neat event.


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