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High-Profile Crimes in Baltimore


According to this piece in the Baltimore Sun, police and Baltimore leaders are worried after some serious attacks in the Inner Harbor area. The story describes some violent and troubling crimes.

Sadly, I’ve never been to Baltimore, so my knowledge of the city is limited to what I have learned from Homicide and The Wire. But luckily I will soon get to experience B-more in person; I have a trip planned there for next weekend.

Are people there concerned about these crimes? Are they being blown out of proportion because some of the victims were tourists? Will this hurt further development in this area? Any Baltimore readers (Baltimorites? Baltimoreans?) care to weigh in?

Thanks to Rust Wire reader and Baltimore resident Eric Noyes for sending me this story.



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24-Hour Crime Wave Claims 7 Lives in Chicago

  Gawker.com has a good roundup of a wave of violence that swept Chicago last night, claiming seven lives.

  Police are investigating a possible connection, but it’s just as likely random. 


  The deaths were the result of six incidents which took place at different sites throughout the city. Many are considered to be gang-related.

  On Thursday night, five were shot in a drive-by shooting.

  The bloodshed got little mention in the mainstream media, Gawker reports. Could it be being downplayed so as not to cramp Chicago’s Olympic hopes?

  Also last week, Chicago’s Alderman in charge of police and fire was indicted on corruption charges and a Chicago cop was swept up in a mafia racketeering case.

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