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Urban/Suburban Affordability Index

Check out this neat site that shows the relative affordability of the city verses the suburbs by calculating housing plus transportation costs.

Here we have Cleveburg:


Did you know that transportation costs represent the number two household expense for most Americans and that US homeowners consistently underestimate their transportation expenses?

This a timely post because the federal government recently began working to include transportation costs in its housing affordability index, according to¬† Streetsblog. This is part of the President’s Building Sustainable Communities initiative.







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Why One Man Wanted to Buy A House in Flint, Mich.


This Slate piece was written by a Flint native returning to his hometown in search of affordable housing, driven out of San Fransisco by obscenly high housing costs.

It’s an interesting and well-written story.

Thanks to Rust Wire reader Claudia Raleigh for bringing it to my attention.


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