This might be one of the most important things to have as a pet owner


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Find out why shoppers are asking “WHERE HAS THIS THING BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!?” in their 5-star reviews. (Source: Amazon)

Save nearly 25% on this bestselling vacuum, designed specifically for cleaning up pet fur. (Source: Amazon)

While we all adore our pets, they’re masters at making messes. Even when they’re on their best behavior, there’s one thing they can’t control. They shed — a lot.

Without a high-quality vacuum, pet hair can become a major headache. Your standard vacuum may be great for cleaning the floors, but you’ll need something slimmer to clean fur out of those tighter spots.

That’s where this pet vacuum from BISSELL comes in. It can effortlessly roll from one position to another, making it perfect for cleaning in tough spots like under the sofa or in the car.

Keep reading for more details on this handy fur-cleaning machine that’s currently on sale for almost 25% off the retail price.

BISSELL knows vacuums

Weighing in at less than eight pounds, this vacuum is easy to use around the house or in the car. (Source: Amazon)

Weighing in at less than eight pounds, this vacuum is easy to use around the house or in the car. (Source: Amazon)

$61.00 $79.95 at Amazon

It never hurts to have a smaller, lightweight vac around the house when you own pets. Plus, purchasing this vacuum helps support BISSELL’s mission of saving homeless pets.

This Amazon’s Choice vacuum can keep your home free of animal fur and other messes. It comes with a variety of convenient features to make it an even better package, including a 2-liter dirt cup capacity for those of us with extra-hairy pets.

It also features a handy automatic retracting cord, so you won’t have to tediously spin the power cord around the back of the vacuum every time you’re finished.

This product has outstanding reviews, with over 25,000 five-star ratings. This Amazon purchaser boasts about the power and convenience of this vacuum: “Like the fact that you can dump the debris with a push of a button. I love the retractable cord […] That little thing is pretty powerful! I love also how easily I can store it. […] It gets the job done!”

Savings for a spotless home

If you have pets who shed (who doesn’t?), this vacuum will help make cleaning up simpler than ever. With it being on sale for almost 25% off, there’s never been a better time to try it out for yourself.

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