This steam mop tackles sticky floors like a pro, and today, it’s only $80


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Say goodbye to sticky floors with this steam mop. (Source: Amazon)

Say goodbye to sticky floors with this steam mop. (Source: Amazon)

Old-fashioned mops just can’t cut through the deep grime and grit embedded in your floors. It can take several passes with the old mop to remove just the top layer of dirt. For heavy-duty messes, consider this multifunctional mop that uses the power of steam to clean floors easily. The Moolan Steam mop removes tough, sticky spots and is on sale now for $80 on Amazon.

Cleaning has never been easier

This versatile mop can make cleaning effortless. (Source: Amazon)

This versatile mop makes cleaning effortless. (Source: Amazon)

$79.99 at Amazon

The power of the Moolan steam mop starts in the performance heat tube that raises the water temperature to over 212-degrees Fahrenheit. Simply fill the tank with water, select your preferred setting and in 15-20 seconds you will have the power of steam at your fingertips. This master mop cleans the toughest stains with ease and restores your floors to their pristine condition.

This steam mop is designed for versatility around the house and offers 12 different uses in one machine. The package also includes an array of accessories so you can clean multiple surfaces, including upholstery, doors, mirrors, sofas, windows and more.

The mop is lightweight for easy maneuvering and effortless cleaning power. Use it to access high curtains or windows and reach under the car seat or sofa where stubborn stains are always hiding. Its compact form makes it easy to store and tuck away for later use. The included wall bracket gives you the option to attach it to the wall for easy access anytime.

Whether you need to clean a grimy floor or restore the upholstery on your sofa, the Moolan Steam Mop will tackle the job like a pro. If you want a cleaner home, get this master mop now.

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