‘Tyler Perry’s Sistas’ Recap: Season 4 Episode 22 — Season 5 Release Date


Wednesday’s Sistas finale led Zac into temptation, and it was up to Fatima to deliver him from evil.

Following an admittedly hysterical exchange with the senator’s wife (“You got on a silk robe with flowers on it! What am I supposed to do with that?”), Zac sought advice on the delicate situation from Jake, whose only suggestion was for Zac to purposely underperform in the bedroom. “Just be really bad at the sex,” he said. “Don’t wash your ass before, I don’t know!”

That unhelpful conversation was then interrupted by Fatima, who was surprisingly supportive of Jake’s idea. “Do you what you gotta do,” she told Zac, who then warned her, “I will f–k the s–t out of this old white lady. Don’t play with me.”

Sadly, the love affair was not to be. While Zac attempted to drink himself into a stupor, Fatima interrupted his second hotel rendezvous with the senator’s wife to make sure she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. Turning the whole situation around, Fatima threatened to expose her for blackmailing Zac, which would jeopardize both her standing in the D.C. community as well as her ongoing divorce.

“I’m not the kind of bitch that whispers,” Fatima warned her. “I do it press conference style.” Everyone parted ways agreeing to keep their mouths quiet, but something tells me we haven’t seen the last of this desperate housewife.

Elsewhere in the Sista-verse…

Sistas Finale* Karen became concerned about her pregnancy when Pam spotted blood on her dress, prompting them to both rush off screen… and hopefully to a damn hospital.

* Gary met with his new lawyer Hayden (ugh!), who suggested that he sue Andi for pain and suffering. “I’d be happy to file it,” the weasel squeaked, rubbing his evil little paws together.

* Preston made one last play for Danni, but she wouldn’t hear it. She didn’t even flinch when he said, “I only want to be the man you need and to love you.” Maybe the cowboy hat was distracting her.

* The finale ended with Sabrina and Maurice being arrested for conspiracy to commit bank robbery. It’s an admittedly ludicrous storyline, but hey, they need to make use of those jail sets somehow.

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