What is Death Stranding About?


Death Stranding is Kojima Productions’ first title and the latest addition to the Xbox PC Game Pass subscription service. Though it originally debuted in 2019, it’s been re-released several times, once as a Director’s Cut for PlayStation 5 in 2021, and then as a Windows game in March 2022.

Originally, Death Stranding debuted as a PlayStation exclusive, complete with a themed PlayStation 4 console and controller to go with it. It also received numerous collector’s editions, from a massive set including a “BB” tank to unique SteelBook cases when preordered at certain retailers.

Death Stranding: PC Game Pass
Sam Porter Bridges, the protagonist of Death Stranding, holds a “Bridge Baby”, or “BB”, in his hands. Death Stranding is making its way to PC Game Pass, part of the Xbox ecosystem.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Now, the game’s player base will likely expand considerably, as it’ll be available for no additional cost as part of the PC Game Pass program. While there, it can be played in its entirety for free, meaning it’ll open up to a brand new subset of players interested in checking it out, as there’s no additional fee to jump aboard. Games typically flourish for this reason as part of the Game Pass system.

With Death Stranding coming to Game Pass, it’s a great time to brush up on some of the game’s fundamentals. Its narrative can be a bit difficult to understand and digest, as its narrative is a bit out of the ordinary, though intriguing and compelling. And you may also be wondering when you can expect to see Death Stranding available on PC Game Pass. We’ve got all the answers you need here and more.

What is Death Stranding About?

Death Stranding follows a man named Sam Bridges, who works as a “porter” in an apocalyptic version of the United States. Following a mass extinction event called the “Death Stranding”, Sam works to move important items back and forth across the broken country.

The titular Death Stranding caused bizarre changes to the world, including the appearance of invisible creatures known as “Beached Things”, or “BTs”, that come from an area called the “Beach”. It’s believed this place is linked to near-death experiences or a halfway point between life and death. BTs are birthed from corpses, consuming human beings as they decompose, which causes a massive explosion known as a “voidout.”

This has left the entirety of what was once the United States in ruin, as every time someone has been consumed by a BT, leaves a potential ticking time bomb behind on the scale of a nuclear warhead.

In addition to this mass of terrifying effects the Death Stranding had on humanity, there’s also “Timefall”, or rain that ages things it touches. In a world where just about everything is dangerous, no one is connected anymore.

Sam is asked to move special cargo from the organization BRIDGES by the dying President of the United Cities of America (CA): Bridget Strand, his adoptive mother. Though Sam has long left BRIDGES for a myriad of reasons, Bridget pleads with Sam to come back in a bid to help reform America by forming connections across the country. Sam is tasked with taking a “Bridge Baby”, or a “BB”, that can sense the presence of BTs, to complete this mission, and a series of other delivery orders, across the verdant green lands that once made up the United States as we knew it.

As Sam sets out to do just that, he comes into contact with a colorful cast of characters looking to help him reform America and an opposing group who wants the opposite, who cause an excessive amount of collateral damage along the way. Without spoiling anything more, Sam begins to understand new truths about the Bridge Babies, and what must be done to truly unite America once more.

When is Death Stranding Coming to PC Game Pass?

You’ll be able to play Death Stranding as part of your PC Game Pass subscription on August 23, 2022. However, be advised that this will be the original base version of Death Stranding and not the Director’s Cut version.

The Director’s Cut edition is still available on PlayStation and PC. It includes some additional content, including new weapons, missions, and mechanics, including a race track to play around with vehicles. None of the content is tantamount to enjoying the Death Stranding storyline, however. There’s nothing major you’ll be missing out on by playing the original game release content.

Death Stranding is available for purchase now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.