Which Of The Following Is Not A Metamorphic Agent

Metamorphic agents are substances that can cause physical changes in the environment around them, such as the transformation of rocks into soil. While all three of the following are metamorphic agents, one of them is not a soil metamorphic agent.

Lecture on Metamorphic rocks and their agents


The difference between metamorphic agents

Metamorphic agents are substances that cause physical changes in another material. Some common metamorphic agents are acids, alkalis, and heat.

The most common metamorphic agents

The most common metamorphic agents are heat, pressure and acid.

The less common metamorphic agents

The answer is not a metamorphic agent.

Which of the following is not a metamorphic agent

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How metamorphic agents work

Metamorphic agents work by changing the physical or chemical properties of a material.


Based on the information provided, none of the following is a metamorphic agent. This is because all of the following are solid at room temperature, while metamorphism is a process that results in the transformation of a solid into a liquid or gas.