‘Big Brother”s Brittany Hoopes Hatches New Game Plan After Kyle’s Exit


Brittany Hoopes has revealed her new Big Brother strategy following Kyle Capener’s eviction.

Kyle, 29, was unanimously voted out by his fellow Houseguests on the September 1 episode of the CBS reality show after being at the center of some major drama.

Before his eviction, Kyle admitted to his co-stars that his decisions and alliances in the game had been “rooted in race.” This came after fans said that producers were protecting him by “hiding Kyle’s racism.”

Following Kyle’s exit, Brittany has revealed that she will now be targeting Terrance Higgins and Alyssa Snider as part of her game plan, as she is worried that if they stay in the show they will win.

Big Brother Brittany Taylor
Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale in the “Big Brother” house. Hoopes revealed her strategy to her co-star.

Speaking to her co-star Taylor Hale in footage that was shown on the Big Brother live feed, Brittany revealed that she thinks Terrance and Alyssa are both fierce competitors.

“I think they are both strong. [I want] Terrance gone first but I don’t think any of us should discount how Alyssa could do at the end. If she makes it to the end, she wins,” the player said.

Brittany, who was accused by fans of using Kyle’s scandal to further her chances in the game, continued to discuss what could be in store for the Houseguests throughout the week, and seemed concerned about who may win the Power of Veto competition.

As Big Brother fans know, whoever wins the Power of Veto competition has the power to change the initial nominations made by the Head of Household if they wish to.

Big Brother Alyssa Terrance
Brittany has revealed she wants to get Alyssa Snider and Terrance Higgins out of the “Big Brother” house next. Kyle Capener has been evicted.

“Say it’s Terrance and Alyssa, and Alyssa wins veto…if we didn’t put up [Matthew] Turner, who would that leave? Say they put up me. That would have Monte [Taylor], you, Alyssa voting. We should still get to determine who goes. That’s scary though,” Brittany told Taylor as she continued to strategize.

Brittany then reiterated that Terrance and Alyssa are her main threats, saying: “The veto comp is going to be everyone but one person playing. We just can’t let Terrance or Alyssa win.”

Meanwhile, Kyle spoke with host Julie Chen Moonves following his eviction and reflected on his past few days in the house.

Big Brother Kyle and Julie
Kyle Capener with Julie Chen Moonves. He was evicted from the “Big Brother” house on September 1.

“It was a very tough week but I am feeling so grateful to have this experience with all these amazing people. They shared so much love and compassion for someone who is as flawed as I am,” he said.

Kyle added: “I just feel so grateful to have had this experience and have it with these houseguests.”

After Kyle’s exit interview, Chen Moonves revealed that the next eviction, on September 8, will be another double eviction.

Big Brother airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.