iPhone 14 will come with 48MP and 8K Video Recording

iPhone 13 got released earlier this year. Still, it’s too early for the iPhone 14 to get launched. We have heard rumors about Apple’s 2022 Smartphone series. iPhone 14 was trending on social media platforms even before Apple 13 got released. We will keep adding to the roundup as the rumor factor continues to warm up. Make it a bookmark to get the latest updates on the Smartphone model.

iPhone 14 Mock Roundup 2.5

Tricksters revealed that the new Smartphone is going to have a notch-less display. It will likely have a touch-sensitive ID and an alloy body. We expect Apple 14 to come in two models: iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

What are the differences between the two models? We will share every detail we got to know from sources.

Tricksters further stated that the Smartphone could come equipped with Wi-Fi 6 E. The pro Smartphones could come with a 48-MP camera.

We are yet to have detailed info on iPhone 14. But, Apple will likely ditch the mini mobiles. Asian review claimed that there will be no mini version of the Smartphone. The report obtained by MacRumors claimed that mini versions won’t be available for long. However, analyst Kuo stated that the Smartphone lineup may include four models. There will be a higher-end and lower-end mobile with two varieties for each.

There will be a small change in naming conventions. It could launch iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Max.

While Pro means higher-end versions, Max refers to models with a large-scale screen.

Rumors on iPhone 14

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a triple rear camera, 48-MP wide-angle sensor, and telephoto sensor. The Pro versions of the lineup will come with 8GB RAM. It further states that iPhone 14 won’t only have an upgraded camera but also a powerful processor. As mentioned above, the iPhone 14 will have 8GB RAM. It is an upgrade to 6GB RAM present in iPhone 13.

As per sources, a 120-Hz display will be available on all smartphones. While the pro versions will have a 120-Hz display, the base models will have a 60-Hz display.

Apple Smartphones assumed to have large displays

The last two versions of the Apple Smartphone will have a large-scale screen. The base model had a 6.1-inch screen, while the pro versions had a 6.7-inch screen. As per review reports, Apple will stick to one of the screen sizes and nix its 5.1-inch screen. No doubt that Apple is retiring mini Smartphones in 2022.

Pricing and upgrades

We don’t have much information on the price of Smartphones. But, the brand didn’t make many changes to the pricing structure. But, the trickster Kuo claims that Apple will likely sell the pro versions rated under nine hundred dollars. Considering the price factor of Apple 13, it is a record-breaking low price. Camera upgrades of the Apple iPhone 13 include ProRes mode, cinematic mode, and some zooming improvements. As of now, we don’t know when Apple will launch its new model. But, we will share details as the date of launch gets confirmed.