Speculations about Samsung S22 dummy models surfacing online

Galaxy S22 has been on the headline for benchmarking sites and surfacing online. The most expensive version of the Smartphone model S22 hit the official web page. It became easy for buyers to learn more about the features of the model beforehand.

The flagship model from the South Korean electronic company got spotted on a china site. Tricksters got its model number and details revealed. As per reports, the upcoming model will carry the number SM-S908U. S22 will reportedly launch on 8th February 2022.

However, it is not the first time that the model S22 surfaced online. In recent times, it got located with a new name S22 note that comes with Note-like SPen. On leaks, the trickster shared the video of three S22 models in his Twitter account. The video captured the same dummies that surfaced online a few days back

Although, there are several rumors on Galaxy S22, most centered around the design and specs. Rumors claim that the new model would get branded as S22 Note rather than S22 Ultra.

It is the one that had real-life images spotted on social media sites so far. Recently, a dummy model of S22 appeared online. It joined the two other models available online.

Leakster Yogesh Brar posted an image of mock-up units of S22 Note, S22 Plus, and S22 side-by-side. The phones are visible in the video. It looks like a real object at the first glimpse. But, you’d soon realize that it is not the thing.

It gives a rough image of the actual models and shows how the models look when kept next to another. As you see, images on dummies don’t reveal the front section. The leaks claim that the phones will have a cut-hole punch in the center for snappy shots.

Apart from sleek bezels, Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 will have an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. While S22 Ultra/Note will have a 19.3:9 aspect ratio, it flaunts a dedicated port for Spen.

The design of Galaxy S22 and S22 plus has similarities to the previous versions.

According to reports, the Indian, Chinese, and North American models will come powered by Snapdragon 8G. It has a 6.8-inch with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

It comes with a 120-MP ultra-wide sensor, 10MP 10x amplifying factor. The pro model runs on a 5,000mAh inbuilt battery.

While the base model has a 6.06-inch display, the pro version has a 6.55-inch panel. The most undersized model runs on a 3,700mAh battery, whereas S22 plus has a 4500 mAh battery.

The brand is yet to confirm the launch of S22 officially. We are expecting it to get released in February 2022.

As of now, S10 is the only smartphone with a 1-terabyte of storage space. The recent flagship models don’t have memory expansion capacities. However, Galaxy S22 will be available in color variants like rose gold, white, green, and black.