Google Play Games PC app to be introduced in Windows in 2022

At the Game Awards, Google disclosed that they are going to introduce Android gaming to the Windows platform in 2022 with the Google Play Games PC app.

Android users must already be familiar with Google Play Games as it appears as a pop-up whenever you open a title. Google uses “Play Games” for a range of services that they offer to help Android game developers. This includes storing/syncing data, player accounts, testing, and more.


According to the company, there are over 2.5 billion users gaming with Android apps across tablets, phones, and Chrome OS. Google is now planning to introduce a multi-screen gaming platform to Windows computers. This is something that the Android developer community always wanted.

Android gaming will be introduced with the “Google Play Games” PC app. This will enable Google to directly distribute content, including both native Windows games and emulated Android titles. It will provide a seamless gaming experience to players and allow them to go between desktop and mobile.

According to sources, the Google Play team has developed something different from what Microsoft has in store for Windows 11. As far as it is known Windows 10 will have the Google’s app will be available on Windows 10 and newer. This app will have a new green icon with half a controller.

Play Games will be coming to Windows next year. As of now, Google hasn’t revealed any more details about this upcoming feature/service.

With this document, Google laid out the cross-platform ambition at The Game Awards. Google wants users to “play on any screen,” including Windows, Android, and macOS platforms as well as all form factors like tablets, desktops, phones, TVs, and smart displays. There are possibilities of the company making a “low-cost” Bluetooth controller as well.