New Windows 12 Fixes the Problems Users have with Windows 11

It’s been only a few months since Windows 11 has been out. This makes it quite natural for early adopters to face issues with the new operating system.

However, most of these problems are due to bugs. But some users have complained about how Microsoft has not implemented certain features.

New Windows 12 Fixes the Problems Users have with Windows 11

According to experts, Windows 11 has taken a backward step with the taskbar. The problem is that the taskbar cannot be easily moved from one area of the screen to another. Although it may sound like a minor issue, it does affect the overall user experience.

A few weeks back, Addy Visuals, a concept creator put his creative abilities to imagine what the next Windows operating system might look like. His vision of Windows 12 was great. According to him, the successor looked more like Windows 10.

He is once again back with a new take on Windows 12. This new vision of Windows 12 shows us how the operating system allows you to change the position of the taskbar and view widgets on the Start menu.

He also shows us a modern version of the Windows Control Panel, which looks similar to the current Settings app.

In this new Windows 12 concept, users can group apps on Start, which is surely a nice feature to have.

But let us remind you that this is only a rough concept of Windows 12. Microsoft itself hasn’t announced anything yet on this topic. But it is expected that they will fix the mentioned issues with their new Windows 12.

Users who are currently using Windows 11 are facing a lot of bug issues. Right now we don’t know how Microsoft is planning to fix the reported bugs, but the tech giant will surely come up with a solution.