iOS 16 Concept Might Have An Always-On Display & Interactive Widgets

Apple is constantly trying to improve the software designs for iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices. The company has introduced many innovative features in the past iOS updates. For instance, the Focus features in iOS 15 and widgets in iOS 14. But Apple users are never really satisfied. They want more features to enjoy a great personalized experience.

Last week, a new iOS 16 concepts made its way on the internet. You can watch the details of the iOS 16 concept video online.

Kevin Kal, who is also known as the Hacker 34 has been working on iOS other concepts for many years. This year, he designed concepts for Windows 12, AirPods 3, and Google Pixel Watch.

iOS 16 concept Video

Last week, Kal published a concept video for iOS 16 in which he revealed the expected features that might be included by Apple. It is hard to imagine that Apple will include all these features. But it is still exciting to see how the new update might turn out to be.

New Features We Want to See In iOS 16

In the iOS 16 concept video by Kal, the first highlighted feature we see is an always-on display. This feature is yet to be introduced by Apple in its mobile devices.

The inclusion of an always-on display will make it easier to check notifications and time, without having to interact with the device. Many users find it inconvenient to tap their iPhones to check texts, emails, or missed calls.

Kal also desires the new iOS 16 to be a multitasking upgrade. He reveals how it would feel to be able to open one application on top of another. Not just that, but he also created a new app dock design with a sliding motion. It would allow users to slide the apps from the dock to the other part of the display to open them.

The main highlight of the iOS 16 concept is interactive widgets. The feature was included in iOS 14 highlights as well. Apple’s iOS widgets are less capable in comparison to Android’s or any computer operating system. They are not as interactive as they should be.

Kal’s iOS 16 concept gives an idea about how it would feel to edit notes, start a timer, or play/pause music right from the Home Screen.

Other highlighted features in the iOS 16 concept video include:

  • A new Smart Stack option to control more permissions.
  • A less intrusive notification to alert you when the battery level drops below 20%.
  • The option to trade, send and pay with cryptocurrency using the Wallet app.
  • The option to place widgets, folders, and apps anywhere on the Home Screen.
  • New customisable icon packs on your Home Screen.

Release Date of iOS 16

The release date of the iOS 16 update is not yet declared by the tech giant. We are also not sure whether the features shown by Kal will be included in the iOS 16 update or not.

But one thing is clear that the highlighted features in Kal’s iOS 16 concept video are great, especially the interactive widgets.

According to sources, Apple is likely to disclose its upcoming iOS 16 updates during the WWDC 2022 next year. The event is expected to take place in June. For now, we can only keep guessing.